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If you're nifty with a needle and thread you'll find iButton a great way to add new functionality to your garments.

Making Technology Wearable
Earbud Cord Control.

In Apple's iPod ads all looks great where you dance to your favorite music, earbuds hooked in, white cord flying freely about you as if nothing else matters.
It's an evocative image.

In the real world just walking around a room can become a special kind of obstacle course where your earbud cord seems attracted to every chair arm, table edge or drawer pull that you pass... Sometimes it seems like everything in the room wants a piece of that free flowing white cord.

Snik is a simple patented groove built into parts that already exist everywhere in your wardrobe. Zipper pulls, buttons, snaps, or buckles on your daypack. Almost any part can have the functionality to attach your earbud cord to hold it close to your body, out of the reach of pesky inanimate objects.

What does the patent cover?......

Zipper Pullers Added to jackets, sweaters and hoodies.

In use on a jacket zipper.

String style add-on zipper pullers.

More concepts of zipper pullers.

New "Side Loader" Style Zipper Pullers are now in!

Mmm, delicious colors...

Zipper Pullers Built into jackets, sweaters and hoodies.

Grooves molded into the tab of the actual zipper.

Buttons For dress shirts.

Grooves molded into the back of buttons.

Snaps For jackets and shirts.

Grooves molded into the surface of a snap cap.

Sunglasses Built into the earpiece.

In this application the cord can be routed over the ear to keep the earbuds stable when running or exercising. This allows the earbud cord to also function as a retainer.

Buckles For bicycle and snowboarding helmets.

Grooves built into the parts on helmets.

Buckles For bags and packs.

Various parts for day packs...

Side Release Buckles

Ladder Locks

Sternum Strap Adjusters

Other buckle concepts

Use on day packs

Labeling Systems Labels for clothing and bags.

Grooves built into any variety of labels.

This can be applied to both rubber/silicon labels as well as riveted metal labels.

Accessory Items Attached to clothing.

Grooves built into any variety of accessory items.

Jewelry Items Of any variety.

Grooves built into any type of jewelry.